Collaborative Self-Care Virtual Retreat
Collaborative Self-Care Virtual Retreat

We're creating a nourishing environment for helpers to restore and explore wellness.

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About Us

We listen to, and respect burnout as a practice. It tells us something is off-balance. 

We shift from exhaustion to recovery to prevention through exploration practices, boundary implementation, collaboration with others who understand: Being a professional helper requires a uniquely high proportion of emotional labor compared to other work. 

It doesn't have to be at our own sacrifice or detriment that we offer our beautiful and worthy services to the world. Humans have stopped living according to our internal pleasure compasses because capitalist economy and systemic oppression have taught generations of people to self-neglect and be neglected, if not actively harmed... just to survive. 

NO THANKS, LIFE. It's not that we don't think we should experience this... nobody should.

Let's occupy ourselves in this lifetime to re-orienting to okay-ness, and even ecstatic experiences in life. Our ancestors did so many kinds of surviving, so many efforts at building the world as we know it. It has its beauty, and its drawbacks. Our job is to remember their intentions to pass on a world that facilitates wonder, pleasure, peace, and collaborative safety. 

We do this work with ourselves, and in community, because we recognize that self-care in isolation is not going to cut it. That's just more of the individualistic, self-interest, and dog-eat-dog culture that only depletes resources. 

I recognize that my liberation is tied up together with yours. This means, for our purposes as clinicians, that our wellness is a representation of how much we can help our clients recover. 

Every person deserves a safe, pleasant life and a meaningful relationship with their contribution to society. Nobody deserves a burnt-out therapist. Let's do the exploring it takes to show up as our most secure selves to the care environments we provide. 

Why You Should Join Us

Inside this network, we prioritize wellness and personal development. There is something here that could inspire and nourish every member.

We all agree that taking care of ourselves is more than indulgence, it's crucial. And that indulgence is legitimate on its own merit, you don't need to earn it.

We want to expand our capacity to restore ourselves effectively when the stressors of life threaten to rob us of joy and peace. The more robust the toolbelt, the greater the likelihood of hope.

We need you! You have strategies that some members haven't tried yet. You have insights we can all benefit from. 

This is not a practice-building course, a marketing workshop, a financial bootcamp, or a clinical training. 

This is a professional collaborative consultation space for connection, healing, and growth... to honor those we serve with our reliable ability to show up. 

We will convene, we will share our offerings, and we will create opportunities to enjoy life together and separately.

A Big Thanks

... to each and every colleague in all the workplaces I've entered. You have influenced me to keep going, that I have something to offer, and that we are all unique in our way of showing up to this work.

... to each person I've served in a direct or clinical capacity. You've shown me that every person is worthy of safety, recovery, wellness, and a beautiful life. We are all the same in this way.

... to every community member in this space. You'll be the magic that makes this environment a wealth of resources and inspiration for everyone that enters. 

... to every service organization around the world making a difference person-to-person. We will be demonstrating gratitude for the work that others do throughout this community's lifespan. Stay tuned for fund-drives and organizational spotlights.